Mindful Flow £8.50

Monday Online 7.30-8.30pm

Wednesday Online 8-9am

This slow flow class is suitable for beginners especially as we explore the connection of breath, move the body, focus on pose alignment - expect to be energised, stretched, toned and relaxed! 

Beginners & Improvers welcome

Live class from the comfort of your own home. 

Vinyasa Flow £8.50

Wednesday Online 7.30 -8.30pm

Saturday Online 8-9am 

Dynamic, flowing and energising class to build the discipline and alignment of sun salutations, breath work, strength, stamina, tone and balance. 


Improvers and beginners who have completed a term of MindFul Flow are welcome.

Live class from the comfort of your own home.

Restorative Flow £8.50 

Thursday Online 10-11am 

Restorative, nourishing and gentle 'vin to yin' style class building strength, suppleness and includes Yoga Nidra ("yogic sleep") style meditation. Suitable for all, including those recovering or pregnancy/post natal clients. 

Live class from the comfort of your own home.




NEW LIVE UNLIMITED Class pass - Monthly Unlimited attendance

5 & 10 day class passes can be used within 90 days of purchase


Classes are booked on a first come, first booked basis - spaces are limited. 

Flexible or block bookings can be made to suit your availability. 

Terms & Conditions Apply. 

Private Sessions

FERTILITY YOGA 1:1 (90 mins)

This private 1:1 session is available for those experiencing fertility challenges or going through IVF. A tailored, bespoke and personalised practice dedicated to support and nourish clients at this unique time. 

£45-60 per session 



This is a dedicated and personalised service offered to clients who wish to deepen their practice or explore different aspects of it, or practice at a time specified by them. Previous clients include couples, families, a group of post natal mums. This class can be from 1-4 people for a set price. 

£45-60 per hour

Please get in touch to arrange Private Sessions to ensure they can be tailored to meet your needs.