Positively Thrive Plan

£55 Per 90 Min Session

12 Session Plan 


Let’s face it, life can throw a few curveballs our way.  Running on that endless treadmill, trying to ‘keep all the plates spinning’, or overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, loss and depression can all set us back.  And often we’re not well equipped to deal with it all, or just want some support. This tailored plan is designed to help you take back control of your wellbeing and become more resilient at dealing with the tricky stuff life throws at us.  To find joy, ease and balance.  Put simply, to thrive.  And who doesn’t need a bit of that?


To thrive- ‘to grow or develop well or vigorously. To prosper; to flourish’. 

This psychology inspired bespoke yoga life coaching takes an East meets West approach. Using the best of current wellbeing thinking, positive psychology and blending it with yogic, spiritual principles at its core, our work will support you to grow, develop and help your wellbeing flourish.

1:1 online 90 minute session/12 session plan after initial 30 minute consultation (free)


Soulshine Session: 60 Minute 1-3 People Online

£45 Per Session

6 Session Package £225

This is a dedicated and personalised service offered to clients who wish to deepen their practice or explore different aspects of it, or practice at a time specified and convenient to them.


Previous clients include couples, families, hen/birthday parties, or groups of pre & post natal mums.


This can be booked as a one off class or a set course of 6 sessions designed specifically for you/your group. 


Soulshine Session: 90 Minute 1-3 People Online

£55 Per Session

6 Session Package £275 

This package is the same as the 60 Minute option - but with more "You Time"!

**For those experiencing fertility challenges and experiencing IVF, this is the option that is most suitable, following their initial free consultation (30 minutes). The time allows for this session to be a tailored, bespoke and personalised practice dedicated to support and nourish clients at this unique time. 


Please get in touch to arrange Private Sessions to ensure they can be tailored to meet your needs.

Terms & Conditions Apply.