My Favourite Yoga Spot

In my long relationship with yoga I have practised in many places. My mum's living room to Geri's Halliwell's DVD in 2001 (my first introduction to yoga!), hotel rooms, studios, parks, planes, trains (not so many automobiles!) and up to now my favourite place to return to in my mind's eye is the sunrise terrace of our villa in Bali for honeymoon.

We buy all our pots & pans from charity shops so instead of John Lewis vouchers we asked for honeymoon donations. Anyway, back to the point - that view was something else. I practised there daily and every day found something new to wonder at. Practising there, I didn't need to cultivate a sense of connection - my senses were finely tuned to mother nature's abundance everywhere I looked. The beauty of the mind is that we can take ourselves anywhere we want to go, and I've often returned to that view when I needed its comfort and nurturing.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of teaching Casale San Pietro's first ever yoga retreat. I felt the same sense of connection and wonder as I looked out from the yoga terrace at the Casale. Rolling green hills all around, close to nature and broad skies with the soothing sun above my head. Calm, peace and the beauty of nature all around. I now have a new place to visit in my mind's eye!

Teaching and practising yoga while that close to nature is a very special experience, which I feel very grateful for. It awakens the soul in a very unique way, cracking hearts open to allow dreams to manifest, plans to be hatched and makes friends of those who journey through the practice together. We've all come home touched by the magic of this wonderful practice, and a very special place - feeling motivated & inspired.

Finding inspiration in nature doesn't mean you have to travel to Bali or Italy, taking 5 minutes to bask in the sun with the eyes closed, focussing on the breath can connect, raise vibrations and shift energy. As can mindfully watching trees as shadows shift and move with the light in their leaves. Giving ourselves permission to slow down, tune into nature & our environment, taking the time to open our hearts to connect with intention and awareness can happen anywhere - even in The Tube!

I will be returning to Casale San Pietro again and again, I know. In the meantime I will be going there again the next time I hit the mat (or am on the Victoria Line) to tap into the peace, calm & tranquility.



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