5 Reasons to 'Re-Treat' Yourself in 2020

Having been on many retreats, I was excited to join the yoga retreat at Casale San Pietro, where Nina teaches morning & evening yoga & meditation. I LOVED it. I came back more in love with yoga, with myself but also brim full of a new positivity & a refreshed zest for life. I was dreaming about ideas for the future and practical changes I wanted to make in my life.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should make it a priority to 'Re-Treat' Yourself in 2020.

1. Being Active makes you Feel Great!

I loved waking & ending the day with movement! It book-ended the relaxing days perfectly - I was really able to tune into what my body needed. Happy endorphins flow when we move, and although I am active, I would never take 3 hours per day to dedicate to it (not to mention swimming in the gorgeous pool!). I felt stronger, leaner, stretched and more energetic. There was no pressure from Nina to do fancy poses in the classes - which was ideal. I now aim to do some stretches at the start and end of the day at home - it makes such a huge difference!

2. Nature Heals

If you are feeling tired, run down, in need of a boost or like many people have had some challenging times - getting back to nature heals and soothes the soul. Luckily the Casale is set within the beautiful hills surrounding Anagni and in 8 acres of olive groves, so there was lush greenery everywhere, fantastic walks and beautiful wall to wall sunshine. It was so tranquil that I found myself taking notice of things around, slowing my brain down and making my way through the day more mindfully. I often close my eyes and take myself back to see the views in my mind when I am feeling overly busy!

3. Whole Food Nourishes

I have a very busy lifestyle meaning I eat on the go. It was such a treat to have every meal handmade from local, fresh whole foods. Every dish was lovingly created by the team and I loved that they don't over-complicate food... a few ingredients, made beautifully, created nourishing, wholesome soul food. I am working hard on bringing this back with me - making less processed food choices where I can. My mind and body are thanking me!

4. All We Need is Love

Being cared for, not having to think about anything or plan anything - for me this is a real treat. Nothing is too much trouble for Alana and Joe and guaranteed they've already thought of everything you might need and want. This was crucial for me to switch off, have some down time and to really focus on ME. Sounds Selfish? I hope so! This retreat was about getting back to myself - getting re-connected and refreshed. The Casale's team created the environment for that perfectly. Always on hand for a chat about anything, but with enough space to do my own thing, (not to mention a private spa area for luscious treatments to compliment my yoga practice - heaven).

5. New Friends Rock!

I barely knew anyone on the retreat on arrival, and made firm, new friends. I was a little bit unsure of booking to go alone but soon realised that the intimate, friendly setting meant that very quickly everyone became firm friends. It reminded me of that saying about 'feeling the fear and doing it anyway'. I got some new ideas and perspectives, it sparked my thinking about my own life and it was just lovely to meet new people! Its inspired me to try something new at least once a week.

There are so many reasons to take some time for yourself - to "re-treat", and what I can definitely say is it doesn't have to be all fancy yoga poses, beansprouts and silence. Stepping away from your usual routine, relationships and responsibilities to learn and experience new things and forming some new healthy habits - well, to me that is the sign of PERFECT retreat.

There are so many reasons to take some time for yourself - to 're-TREAT' in 2020.

Casale - I'll be back! Why?.... 'I'm worth it' ;-)


Ashleigh lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland where she loves nothing more than beach walking with Odie, (her fur-baby!). She loves travelling, has a busy career in fashion retail and is passionate about wellbeing.

Casale San Pietro has 5 Yoga Retreat Options in 2020, flying into either airport in Rome via all major cities in the UK.

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