My Moment(s) of Truth

This month, I’ve mostly been facing my Truth. That’s what this month’s Positively Thrive theme has been about – ‘Truth’. Exploring our beliefs, discovering our authentic values and basically living our lives in an honest-to-goodness way, that’s right for us.

It’s been a tough one. But I know it came at exactly the right time. I’ve recently had to deal with some difficult issues with my business where I’ve been at a bit of a crossroads. So exploring my ‘Truth’ helped me to see what’s important to me. It also helped me to have the courage to go my own way in my business. As a result, I’ve let go of some toxic people in my life and I realise deep down I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. You could say, I faced a moment of truth!

Part of this was realising I had a very strong-held belief to ‘not confront or upset people’. I really worry about this. But then I started to see that what I was actually doing was keeping my true needs and desires stuffed deep inside, which would then bubble up and I’d end up exploding anyway. I bet quite a few of us can relate to this, can’t we?

So at work, especially in my role as ‘boss’, I’ve started to speak my mind and be more assertive, and that’s really opened up a lot more doors for me to be truthful to myself and others. I suppose, it's just trying to word what you really think, without getting angry. And honestly, I think we’re all communicating with each other so much better now.

Another thing I’m doing, which follows on from last month’s ‘Compassion’ theme, is be kinder to myself. So much so, that I’ve treated myself to a yoga retreat in Canada - talk about taking some quality ‘me-time’!

Here, I’m really delving into the stuff we do with Nina in the workshops, such as meditation and journaling. We’ve been free-writing and honestly, it really brings the truth out of what's going on in your head - it’s crazy! I’ve enjoyed the journaling so much, I can’t wait to get stuck into it again in the next Positively Thrive theme around ‘Balance’.

So facing my ‘Truth’ has been tough – I won’t lie! But, it’s also opened up so many doors for me in my life that would otherwise have been shut, if I hadn’t been honest with myself and others. Exploring yoga in this way has really centred me and helped me access the Truth about myself – which, when it comes down to it, is that I've got amazing inner strength and I know I can survive.

About Louise Rawlinson:

Lou is a self-confessed dog lover, local business woman and owns the very popular Paws for Coffee cafe in Hampton Hill. She is currently launching her new business Paws for Happiness.

Lou is also a fully-fledged member of the Positively Thrive tribe, a regular to Nina’s weekly yoga classes and a Casale San Pietro yoga retreat junkie! She is also the original‘Hampton dog walker’!

Check back here to read more about her continuing journey as a Positively Thrive Triber.