Compassion CALLS!

About Louise Rawlinson:

Lou is a self-confessed dog lover, local business woman and owns the very popular Paws for Coffee cafe in Hampton Hill. She has recently launched her new business Paws for Happiness.

Lou is also a fully-fledged member of the Positively Thrive tribe, a regular to Nina’s weekly yoga classes and a Casale San Pietro yoga retreat junkie! She is also the original ‘Hampton dog walker’!

Check back here to read more about her continuing journey as a Positively Thrive Triber.

So, I’m officially a ‘Thriver’! I’ve now finished my first month of the Positively Thrive series and I can honestly say, my life feels better for it.

I’ve done four yoga retreats in Italy with Nina and so I knew this would be like going on a retreat, but over ten months and having way more support. And so far, I’m not wrong! Nina describes it as ‘yoga life coaching’ and it’s so beneficial for anxiety and stress and just re-evaluating and changing my ways of thinking.

There are ten months in the series, each with a different theme. The first month was based on ‘Compassion’, and actually what’s really hit home is how important it is to be more compassionate to, well, me. For once in my life, I’ve been letting go of putting everybody else first. I’ve started thinking about and doing what I want to do, rather than keeping everyone else happy. Structuring my days better and fitting in time for me, for things like walking my dogs.

And I tell you what, I’ve stopped saying ‘sorry’ all the time to everybody and being such a ‘people- pleaser’. I feel so much lighter!

At the start of each month’s theme there is a two-hour workshop where we do yoga postures combined with meditation, journaling and breathwork. Then, throughout the month, Nina gives us extra stuff to do at home. There are weekly emails with challenges, suggested reading and an on-line yoga video to help us incorporate that month’s theme into our daily lives.

I won’t lie, I’ve had a tough time in my life recently and so it’s been hard focusing on the at-home stuff, but the emails have been such an amazing reminder to help keep my thinking positive. Plus, Nina is incredibly supportive throughout the process, inviting us to feed back any issues that come up from the Positively Thrive journey during the month.

I also love the idea of journaling, but writing isn’t my thing due to being dyslexic. So that’s been a bit of a challenge. But I’ve found that I can get the same results from video blogging – I guess, it’s all about doing it in a way that works for you, isn’t it?

But the real benefit is that my yoga practice (with Nina on a Wednesday evening) has really stepped up to a whole new level. I totally think differently when I do my weekly yoga now. And that’s because I’m incorporating all the strands of the Positively Thrive series into my yoga - it has definitely made me realise yoga really helps your mind and is great for your wellbeing.

So after a month of exploring ‘Compassion’ and learning to be kinder to myself, I’m raring to get going on next month’s theme of ‘Truth’. I’m sure there will be some overlap between the themes, like speaking your truth in a way that is compassionate to yourself and others. And I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Keep posted for my next update!