Yogagrown offers Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Pregnancy Yoga, Post Natal and Mum & Baby Yoga online via Zoom.

I'm Nina Airey and I started 'doing yoga' in 2001. I turned to yoga in University when exam stress triggered an old, severe back injury from a car accident. With regular practice, I realised the tightness in my muscles eased and I grew stronger and leaner. I enjoyed seeing my physical ability progress in the poses.

Very quickly the other amazing benefits of yoga had infiltrated my body, mind and spirit. I grew calmer, clearer, and more able to juggle life’s general stresses. I felt focused and balanced when I spent time on the mat, and I was privately hooked. Over the following years my very personal relationship with yoga came and went. Like a loyal and non judgemental friend my mat was always there, patiently waiting for my return.

My close friends say personal development and learning is in my DNA, so it was no surprise to them that my dedication to the practice deepened in 2010, beginning the path towards teaching. I am a certified Vinyasa Flow teacher through Yoga London and Yoga Alliance (RYT-200 and RPYT) having studied with various teachers, and have been coaching and supporting shifts towards space and stillness with yoga and meditation since 2013.


My passion for challenging yet nurturing growth in myself and others developed much earlier through my career in management and leadership development and coaching. This passion has found a natural home in my yoga teaching, so it is fair to say I have been broadly supporting others to grow, strive and be happier for over 18 years.

I don’t live like a monk – I am a busy wife and mum living in Hampton and my personal yoga practice is the most valuable resource I have to keep me grounded. I live MY life, MY way. From a spiritual perspective, yoga in all its forms simply makes sense to me and nourishes my mind, body and soul. 

I offer small, attentive group or private 1:1 yoga, meditation or mindfulness classes & have been coaching yoga online via Zoom for 4 years or more. I am also qualified to teach pre & post natal yoga/mum & baby yoga classes and parent & toddler yoga through my Yogi Pears business.


Each April, July & October I teach at a luxurious European yoga retreat in Italy at the beautiful Casale San Pietro. I bring personal experience of the benefits of yoga for general positivity, wellbeing, healing, recovery to my teaching, and can happily say I love the practice and I love what I do. 

My commitments to living a loving life, having fun, and personal growth, are core values in my personal practice, which I aim to bring to all my classes and through my business. Please feel free to subscribe on the contact page or follow me on social media to stay up to date with me as I live, love, grow and teach yoga. 


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